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Mark Levinson Pure muzikale luxe

Founded in 1972, the Mark Levinson® brand has become synonymous with extraordinary levels of audio performance and

has a reputation in high-end audio design like no other.

From that heritage comes perhaps the finest, most-accomplished integrated amplifier ever made: the No585.

Combining Mark Levinson’s unsurpassed analog performance with advanced digital audio capability and flexible system configuration,

the No585 pushes the reproduction of any source material to new levels of realism.

The foundation of the No585 is its fully discrete, mirror-imaged, dual-monaural analog circuitry featuring individual signal switching relays for each of its four stereo inputs: one XLR and three RCA. Volume controls use discrete 15-bit R-2R ladders and low-noise analog switches for the widest possible bandwidth and maximum signal integrity. The fully-differential Class AB power stage includes an oversized

900VA toroidal transformer with individual secondary windings for the

left and right channels. Each elegantly simple amplifier channel

utilizes twelve output transistors and multiple

smaller local capacitors that allow them to be

placed physically closer to the amplifiers

for greater transient response when power

is needed immediately. This robust

architecture results in a conservative

power rating of 200W per channel

with stability into 2 ohms.

Mark Levinson 5802

€ 9990,-

Afwijkingen in prijs, specificaties, afbeeldingen en leverbaarheid voorbehouden. Vermelde verkoopprijzen zijn incl. 21% BTW. ML_585-detail.jpg

Mark Levinson 5805

€ 11490,-

Geïntegreerde versterker

Geïntegreerde versterker

MarkLevinson_No_5802_5805.pdf MarkLevinson_No_5802_5805.pdf

Mark Levinson 5101

€ 7190,-

SACD/CD-speler incl. streamer

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